Literary style of Luke & interest in History


1) Luke's Greek is the best greek found in the new testament, without a doubt his vocabulary and style in preface Lk 1:1-4 is the best classical greek writing possible of the ancient world, scholars such as CONZELMANN and FITYZMER agree 

2) Luke's use of substituting words from hebrew to greek, latin or colloquial words e.g using master instead of RABBI. 


" Luke instinctively changes colloquial Latinisms into good greek. Luke also corrects Marks Greek colloquialisms e.g he substitutes the proper KLINDION for MARKS KRABATTOS." improves on Marks mistakes making Luke's gosepl more literally comprehensive. 

3) Luke's medical familiarity can be seen throughout his writing e.g

  • technical word used by doctors for sitting up when healing the widow's son at Nain.
  • 9:38 LOOK UPON his son is a technical word used for when asking a doctor to examine a patient.
  • Needle mention as surgical rather than domestic as seen in Mark. 
  • Uses correct term for paralysis while mark does not. 

4) Ability to use a vairety or greek styles of writing for example

  • Classical prose
  • colloquial vernacular
  • bible


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