Measuring Crime SCYL4

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Measuring Crime

Official Statistics

  • + Lots of data
  • + Can be gathered quickly
  • + Cost effective
  • + Easy to compare the data between social characteristics of ps, year and location
  • + Specific to crime
  • + Easy access - lots of publicity
  • - Lots of unreported crimes
  • - Cannot determine cause and effect

 Positivists say statistics represent an objective truth or social facts about the extent to crime. Interpretivists argue caution must be taken when using official statistics. They prefer to put the emphasis on who collected them and alternative explanations for reasons as to why such results occured.

People may not report crimes becasue:

  • They think their crime is too trivial
  • Embarrassment
  • Lack of trust and faith in the police
  • May think it's a private matter
  • Fear of reprial from person they are reporting
  • They have also done something illegal and don't…


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