Medea summary

  • The nurse beings the play by explaining the story behind Jason & Medea.
  • The Tutor and Medea's sons enter to talk to the nurse about Medea crying.
  • The tutor reveals that they will be banished according to Creon, 'to banish them'
  • Medea cries from inside the house.
  • Children and Tutor go inside the house in fear of Medea's anger, 'children, hurry indoors'.
  • Chorus arrive & Medea prays to die to Zeus so they rebuke her, 'do not pray that prayer'
  • The nurse goes inside & Medea finally comes out looking 'cool & self-possessed'. 
  • Medea says the Women of Corinth speech, 'we women are the most wretched'.
  • Creon arrives telling Medea she must be exiled, 'I order you out of Corinth'.
  • Creon allows Medea to stay for one day, 'you shall have what you ask'.
  • Creon exits and Medea plans 'to kill by poison'.
  • Jason arrives & argues with Medea, Jason takes blame off himself, 'your problem'.
  • Jason exits & the Chorus state


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