Methodology of the behaviourist approach.


One method of this approach is the use of laboratory experiments. Behaviourists believe that psychology is a pure science and therefore, it should be tested objectively and scientifically. Lab experiments use objective, experimental methodology to easily identify cause and effect. For example, Bandura's bobo doll study, the cause, or the independent variable, was the children observing the model and the effect, or the dependent variable, was the way in which the children reacted towards the bobo doll.

A strength of this method is that extraneous variables can be easily controlled for. This is a strength because it increases the validity of the research. Another strength is that it is easy to come to causal conclusions. This is because quantitative data is generated which can be used to identify the causal relationships. For example, the occurrence of aggressive and non-aggressive acts produced from the children can be measured.

A weakness of this approach…


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