Minehead and wallasea island


Wallasea Island Case Study


The island of Wallasea is situated on the south east coast of England, in the county of Essex, between the Crouch and Roach estuaries. It was protected beforehand by a sea wall, however this would need to be replaced due to damage. 

Background Information
The area used to be a salt marsh as it was prone to flooding and was near the two estuaries so it was likely to flood due to those as well. The land that was protected behind the sea wall; consisted mainly of farm land, used for crop development and for keeping cattle. 

What did they do at Wallasea?
As the land behind was not worth very much property wise, though it could have drastically affected employment and occupations for those involved in the agricultural industries, the council employed a method of coastal management which was managed retreat. They therefore had to remove the old sea wall and then decided that they would not build a new one in its place.

What is Managed Retreat?
Managed retreat is the process by which the sea is left to take its natural course without any human intervention to stop this from occurring. All defences against


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