Non fiction anthology texts 2020/21


Non-fiction Essay Response

For all: consider how they impact on language and influence the author's response to the event/subject (generic exam question is usually 'how they respond to their experiences)

1. Mode and genre of the two texts (what style of text is it and how is it presented? Is it a prepared or unprepared piece of writing? Consider structure)

2. Audience (who is the intended audience for receiving this piece and how would this influence the type of language or the content?)

3. Purpose (why is this text being written - to entertain, to inform, to give an account) 

Must be able to compare the anthology text and the unseen text - try to compare them by: 

-same authors but different subject

-same subject but different opinions

-same style of writing/ text type but different approaches


Pepys' diary utilises typical diary conventions in a prepared way that devolve into a stream of consciousness as the emotive language to describe the fire takes over his account and it becomes more personal (unprepared as unexpected). The audience is himself due to the diary schema but he may have had an awareness of a wider audience due to him witnessing a historical event, being an important societal figure with his factual accounts often respected and trustworthy. The purpose is to record his thoughts and show a insight into the event, while it also has a modern historical research purpose as a educational text.

Beyonce Music Review

This is a prepared and edited online news article reviewing Beyonce and Jay-Z's live show. It


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