Notes on Plath's You're (New life, ambiguity…) - QUOTES, POINTS, AND HUGHES FULL MOON AND LITTLE FRIEDA





  • "Clownlike", "moon-skulled", "gilled like a fish", "eels" - Interestingly unusual diction choices and simile, alike in 'Morning Song', offering alternative interpretations - dark, mysterious, unpleasant, connotating to death, but also arguably suggesting happiness, joy and life? This amplifies the speakers ambivalent, anxious yet joyful attitudes on pregnancy. 
  • "Wrapped up", "little loaf", "snug as a bud" - Warm, loving images, semantic field of closeness, (and simile) suggesting the physical connection of the fetus and mother, but also perhaps future closeness and love of mother and daughter, showing the speakers joyful, loving views of new life, converying a sweet tone, contrasting to the odd diction choices noted above.
  • "Vague as fog", "mail./Farther off than Australia", "Atlas", "travelled", "jumpy" - Semantic field of distance, (and simile) as well as movement - juxtaposing with the images of closeness - shows the ambivalence and unexpectations of new life and preganancy, with a sense of movement in the womb as well as the future when growing up, becoming more distant to the…


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