OCR A2 ICT G063 - Chapter 6


a) Impact of External Change

How it may affect an organisation – changes in economy, changes in international markets, changes in individual spending patterns, external changes in technology, changes in legislation, pressure from shareholders, competition


b) Change Management

Factors affecting decisions when upgrading software – expertise of current staff, cost of retaining staff, cost of buying and installing new system, benefits the new system would bring, disruption caused, nature of current system, method of implementation, time scale of changeover, testing when changeover has occurred, consultation with the staff

Factors considered when manage change of system – staff capability so extra staff may need to be employed, staff views will need to be taken into account, changes in working practice might require training and increased wages, system needs testing and training on software provided, equipment needs to be installed and training on hardware given, accommodation for new workforce and machines must be planned to avoid disruption

Importance of managing change – decrease resistance to change, getting the users on side so it does not come as a surprise to them, allows smooth transition from old to new system, allows all relevant parties to be informed, lots of tasks to complete so by managing it makes sure they are all completed and not forgotten


c) Consultation, Participation and Communication




How future developments impact on how the company communicates with customers – use of websites to deliver updates to customers (need to secure website from threats/hackers, how to ensure customers know about website and access it), use of email (read receipts, attachments can be given, video conferencing with customers to demonstrate products, traditional sales techniques not as relevant), use for mobile phones (not always a good time to call, might be seen as harassment)

Importance of communication when managing change – methods of communication, planning of communication


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