OCR RS Medical Ethics

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Medical Ethics:
Medical ethics is the use of modern technology/Medicine in order to create or take life.

Fertility treatment:
5 types:-

  • IVF (test tube babies
  • surrogate mother
  • AID (artificial insemination from donor)
  • AIH (artificial insemination from husband)
  • embryos transplant

Attitudes and reactions towards fertility treatment:

  • For many Christians fertility treatment is a great thing. God told Adam and Eve to be "fruitful and multiply" so many Christians believe that they have to follow this. Christians who usually have this viewpoint are usually Church of England Christians.
  • However fertility treatment has raised with some issues for other Christians (Roman Catholics), they believe in the sanctity of live, the fact that only god can give and take life, therefore fertility treatment is not in gods plan. Furthermore they believe that it was…


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