Oliver Cromwell

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Cromwell was a small landowner from Cambridgeshire. In his 30s, he became committed to Puritanism - English Protestants who wanted a "purer" version of Christianity distancing it from existing Catholicism. In 1640, he became a Member of Parliament, and supported those MPs who opposed the king.

He joined Parliament's side when the Civil War broke out. He was a good cavalry commander, skilled in commanding soldiers mounted on horseback, although he was never in charge of the army. At the Battle of Marston Moor, Cromwell helped defeat the Royalist army by attacking them at tea-time. He was also criticised for recruiting men 'of low birth'.

As the war went on Cromwell became increasingly angry with the Parliamentary leaders. He accused them of not trying hard enough to defeat King Charles.

A summary of Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector.
Cromwell was a Puritan, who opposed Charles I, the King, in the Long Parliament (so called because of its eight year duration) that first met in 1640. During the Civil War he fought for Parliament. He thought that Parliamentary leaders did not do enough to try to defeat Charles I.

Cromwell became the leader of England in 1649 by leading the New Model Army. This…


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