Othello Context


Othello context 

DOMESTIC TRAGEDY – zooms in from court to bedroom throughout the play – similar to romeo and juliet in this way  

Begins with a marriage – demonstrative of how marriage breaks down??  

Conventions of a tragedy – central character has a fatal flaw / hamartia which leads to their downfall – othello’s is insecurity / trust in iago / insert problem here  

Creates catharsis at the end – everyone dies, the audience feels complete - arguably shakespeare presents more complex and exaggerated relationships for the time to accentuate this feeling of catharisis – still works in a modern context because the relationships are more realistic – contrast in othello’s feelings at beginning and end of play  


ARISTOTLE GREEK TRAGEDY - fourth century – there is a relatable good character who makes mistakes – introduces hamartia – main character's error of judgement – SHOWS WE LIVE IN A FLAWED WORLD AND IT IS DUE TO OUR OWN ACTIONS  

Tragic structure is relatively fixed – prologue (arguably act 1) all action takes place in ‘one day’ - nighttime in act one to evening in act 5 – not strictly ‘one day’ but key scenes transition from night to day  




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