"Outline and Evaluate the Biological Approach in Psychology" 16 mark essay plan

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"Outline and Evaluate the Biological Approach in Psychology" 16 mark essay plan 


  • Assumes all human behaviour has biological origin
  • To fully comprehend human behaviour it is necessary to understand internal biological structures and processes
    • E.g. genes, nervous system, neurochemistry
  • Geneticists have found evidence that some behavioural characteristics (e.g. intelligence or mental illness) can be inherited in the same way that physcial characteristics can (e.g. eye colour)
    • Most research from this area has studied Monozygotic (MZ) twins as they share 100% of their DNA. E.g. MZ twins have in increased concordance rate of developing schizophrenia compared to Dizygotic (DZ) twins
      • This is important to understanding the genetic component of mental illness and demonstrates the impact of genes on certain behaviours
  • Neurochemistry is also explored in this approach
    • Research helps us understand the role of neurotransmitters. E.g. Abnormally low serotonin levels are linked to aggressive behaviour, implying ths neurotransmitter is important in regulating behaviour and impulse control (Crockett et al 2008)


  • Strenghts:
    • Reliable methods of research means that biological evidence is less…


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