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Poet is Percy Shelley.

born in 1792

he was a romantic poet from a wealthy family. 

Expelled from university for writing about atheists 

second wife is Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein 

death by drowning at sea, aged 29. 

not incredibly successful. 


Written during the reign of king George 3rd, who was involved in alot of conflicts in the world - which Shelley hated, as he was a pacifist. 

Romantic poetry contains:
- a dislike of urban life 

- a love of the supernatural 

- use of ordinary colloquial language

Ozymandias is based on Ramases 2nd - a ruler who led many battles to protect egypt, but also extend the borders. Resembles George 3rd. 


Those with power are deluded by thinking that their power makes them supreme and invincible. 

The might and power of leaders does not last, but the art in the sculpture does. 

How are the themes presented? 


Ozymandias is a sonnet.

In Giacomo da Lentini's sonnet the first 8 lines are called the octave, which present a problem and the last 6 lines are called a sestet which solves the problem. The 9th line is called the volta, which brings about a sharp turn in the problem which leads to the solution. Follows and A B B A   A B B A rhyme scheme. Made famous by Petrarch.

In the Shakespearean there are 14 lines, 3 quatrains and a couplet. It's written in iambic pentameter and the rhyme scheme is A B A B C D C D E F E F G G. 

Sonnets are always about love, so why was Ozymandias a…


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