P1- The Earth in the universe


The Solar System

  • 8 planets orbit the sun.
  • There are other things such as dwarf planets, comets and dust.
  • Some planets are visable with the naked eye.
  • Stars are huge, very hot and very far away.
  • Planets are smaller than stars and just reflect sunlight.
  • The solar system was formed about 5,000 million years ago from dust and gas.
  • Particles began to collapsed in together as they moved closer together gravity keept them together.
  • This collapse caused a protostar.
  • This protostar when at a high enough temperature would perform a process called fusion, having hydrogen nuclei join together to make helium.
  • Asteroids and comets are made of stuff left over the formation of the Solar System.
  • Comets are made of rock, dust and ice.



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