Past Paper Questions

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Practice Questions


How far did the images presented by early modern French Kings reflect the realities of their rule?

How useful is the term ‘Absolutism’ when discussing the rulers of early modern France?

How effectively did early modern French Monarchs deal with the challenges they faced?

To what extent did early modern theories about monarchy reflect reality?

How effectively did the monarchy deal with protest and rebellion between 1515 and 1715?

‘The early modern French state could only function with a single adult male head’. Discuss.


What made someone noble in early modern France?

How far did noble roles change in the period 1515-1715?

Was there a crisis of the nobility in the early modern period?

Evaluate the differences between robe and sword nobles in early modern France.

Examine the differences between noble and popular protest.

How effective were instances of noble protestant and rebellion in early modern France?

To what extent did nobles become functionaries of the state in the seventeenth century?


What were the most lasting effects of the arrival of Protestantism in France?

Why did the arrival




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