Philosophy Bullet point Revision Summery's.

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Design Argument

  • Posteriori, inductive argument

  • Suggests an intelligent designer with order and purpose

  • Paley's Watch Analogy

  • Swinburne - Universe works in a providential way

  • Critics

  • Relies on anthropomorphism characteristic

  • Dawkins - Random chance?

  • Evil and suffering contradicts.

Cosmological Argument

  • Posteriori - based on empirical evidence

  • Order and purpose

  • God the explanation , first causer and necessary.  Kalam

  • Chain and effect

  • Augustines 5 ways

  • Critics

  • Why keep looking for a cause

  • Illogical and holds no scientific evidence.

Ontological Argument

  • Priori - proof reaching a logical argument

  • Anselm ‘Than which nothing greater can be conceived’

  • Perfect island analogy - Guanillio.

  • God holds all perfections non contingent.

  • Perfection is existence over non existence - Descartes

  • Critics

  • Incoherent can't be all knowing and all loving linking to inconsistent triad (Mackie)

  • Distances god from humans

  • No empirical evidence leading to a inductive leap

Problem of Evil and Suffering

  • The rock of atheism

  • Inconsistent triad

  • Suffering maybe a test of true faith

  • Suffering from the


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