Phonological Development revision

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Phonological Development- The acquisition of sound

Pre-verbal stages:

1. Biological noises- vomiting, burping, crying, low cooing sound (0-8 weeks)

2. Cooing and Laughing- Short vowel like sounds, quieter and lower pitched and more musical than biological noises. Some consonant sounds. Baby begginning to develop control over vocal muscles. (8-20 weeks)

3. Vocal Play-  A controlled single vowel like sound. More varies than babbling but much less controlled (16-20 weeks)

4. Babbling- Baby produces sounds often in the form of a combination of consonants eg ma, baba, ga, gaga (6 months)

5. Melodic Utterance- Melody, intonation and rhthym are developing. Babies of different nationalities sound increasinly different from each other. (9-18 months)

-The body language, heart and the rate of which they **** on a ******, indicates to reasearchers the sounds they recognise.

- A child can recognise their mothes voice before a day old

- Every child around the world babbles in the same way. Deaf children also babble.

  Reducplicated babbling- repitition of same consonants or vowels

Variegated babbling- Different sound one after another

Realisation rules:

-Reduplication- Linked with babbling eg /baba/ for butter, button and baby

-Reduction of


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