Physical education and health in the USA


15% of 5-19 clinically obese.

75% not doing reccomended, 25% of these sedentary.

UK 25% obesity, 38% overweight.

After military conscription was made non compulsory in 1970, states decided that they would not enforce compulsory PE. Illnois was the last state to keep PE compulsory in 2000.

In Chicago, they estimate that they are saving $16 million per year by not enforcing PE.

Only 60% of students participate in PE, down for 70% in 1980's. This unpopularity is another reason for school boards not enforcing it. NASPE admits that it is an expensive luxury.

The No child left behind act in 2001 was introduced in order to raise standards in academic subjects such as Maths and literacy. This is another reason why schools are withdrawing PE from their curriculum.

In California, 80% of children aged 10-14 failed a basic fitness test called a fitnessgram.

USA strategies

$60 million has been invested into PEP (Physical Education for Progress) which provides training for teachers, equipment, and development of the curriculum from kindergarten to 12th grade.

PE is also provided for children with special needs and disabilities in line with federal law. It is provided through the Adapted Physical Education Programmes.

In 1972 the Title XI act was passed, which stated that any sport offered to males must also be offered to females in order to keep their federal funding.

Since the act has been…


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