Political Parties Part One


Functions and Features of Political Parties

  • Seek government office
  • They develop political policies and programmes
  • They put up candidates for election
  • They campaign to achieve public support
  • Hold party conferences
  • Represent peoples views
  • Recruit members
  • Use the media to put across their views

The concept of Left Wing and Right Wing Politics

Left Wing

  • Liberal values
  • Role of society and community as a whole
  • Law and order policies tend to be more relaxed
  • Taxation is increased to provide a safety net to look after poorer members of society
  • Rehabilitation of criminals
  • Examples of Extremist left is communism

Right Wing

  • Conservative values, the status quo and tradition
  • Emphasise the importance of free trade and low taxation policies, often cutting tax when in power.
  • Individualism, Paterotic
  • Tougher on law


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