Anti-natalist and Pro-natalist


Anti-natalist case study - China

  • A huge population growth in the mid-20th century led to a series of famines
  • In 1979, China established the "One Child Policy" which encourages people to have one child only. It would also penalise people who decided to have more than one child.
  • How it works...
    • Incentives given for having just one child:
      • cash bonuses
      • longer maternity leave
      • better childcare
      • preferential access to housing
    • Young people persuaded to delay marriage
    • Pressure for abortion of 'unauthorised' pregnancies.
    • Easy access to contraception and encouragement of post-pregnancy sterilisation
    • 'Forced' sterilisation of couples who have more than one child.
  • Overall, the One Child Policy has been successful and the birth rate and population growth rate have both…


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