Praise Song for My Mother - Mr Bruff - A* Analysis

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Grace Nichols -  From the Caribbean. Member of our common-wealth. Left her home at 26, where she moves to Britain. Married to another poet. Her themes are injected with west-indian folk law, cultural displacement, elements of nature and she embraces diversity. 

Praise Song for My Mother

About her mother who is possibly dead, 'were'. About the influence her mother had about her. The structure is quite rhythmical and could represent a heart-beat (that her mother gave to her), a stair case where it haults at the beginning showing she doesn't know where to go from now or the sea which reflects the natural imagery inside this poem. 'Praise Song' is from Africa which celebrates the life of someone. Works as a Eulogy. Lack of punctuation showing how the memory of her mother will never be forgotten. 

You were water to me deep and bold and fathoming

'were' past tense, suggesting that her mother has died. 'water' represents life, a journey, rebirth and purity. 'deep' ambigous word which can mean a strong feeling, or a physical depth which can reflect a possible grave or that you are a very emotionally strong person. 'bold…


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