Prejudice - Realistic Conflict Theory

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Realistic Conflict Theory states that whenever there are two or more groups that are seeking the same limited resources, this will lead to conflict, negative stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination between the groups. 

Sherif conducted a series of boys' summer camp experiments - Robber's Cave Experiment which formed the basis of Realistic Conflict Theory. If he introduced competition between the boys at summer camp, intergroup conflict was created. 

Ember (1992) - social anthropologist observed in tribal society intergroup hostility increases when social or natural conditions mean that competition for these resources are necessary. IN periods of famine or natural disasters, warfare was more likely to ensure access to scarce resources. 

Realistic group conflict is evident in society today. It results in extreme in-group favouritism and solidarity with a marked hostility towards members of the outgroup. 

When groups need to work together for a


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