Problems with imprisonment

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Discuss the problems with using imprisonment?

Imprisoning criminals has doubled, a trifling amount, the tax payers pay around 40,000 pounds a year to keep criminals in prison. However this is not proving successful because reoffending rates have also gone up to 60 % of prisoners re-offend with a new offence, less serious or even more serious. Figures have also found that imprisonment, does not help prisoners to gain more skills or less criminality however it builds up further issues, some prisoners have reported to of started taking drugs in prison, and developing a real addiction that they did not have and another also commented on the availability of drugs within the prison wards saying 'it's easier to get heroine in prison than on the streets'. Showing that there is a real problem with imprisonment, that prisoners become less employable after prison, because of poor literacy and numeracy skills of an 11 year old, therefore prison for them is a…


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