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variable <-- exp :

variable assignment computes the value of exp and assigns this to var .In common with most psudeocode conventions typs are inferrd not declared . 

var[iexp] <-- exp :

one dimensional array assignment .Indexing will start at 1 not 0. 

var <-- [exp1, exp2, ... , expn]

array initialisation of n elements 


an integer expression


a boolean expression 

var , pname , fname 

any sensible name for the prodecdure or function respectively . Assume that all names will be unique 


a series of one line statements . A statements is terminated by a new line 

READLINE(file ,n ) 

returns the nth line of an external file (indexign starts at one)

WRITELINE(file , n, value)

Writes the nth line of with value . If n exceeds the previous line numbers of file plus one then the gap is filled with blank line 

OUTPUT message 

Writes the message to output 



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