Psychology Unit 2 Key Words

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  • PNS: Peripheral nervous system (neurones connecting CNS to rest of the body)
  • CNS: Central nervous system (consisting of the brain and the spinal chord)
  • ANS: Autonomic nervous system, within the PNS. There are 2 branches of the ANS (SNS and parasympathic NS)
  • SNS: Sympathetic nervous system which prepares the body for fight or flight via the SAM pathway
  • SAM: They sympathetic adrenal medullary. Hypothalamus-adrenal medulla-adrenaline or noradrenaline-fight or flight
  • HPA: The pituiatary adrenal system. Hypo-pituitary gland-ACTH-adrenal cortex-cortiscoroids (cortisol)-supression of IS
  • BZ'S: Benzodiazepines which enhance the action of GABA increasing the flow of Cl- ions thus more relaxed
  • BB'S: Beta Blockers which bind to beta receptors on the heart reducing affects of adrenaline (acute response SAM)
  • SIT: Stress Innoculation Therapy created by Meichenbaum
    • Conceptualisation: Relationship established, educated about nature of stress, taught to think differently
    • Skill Aquisition: Coping skills are practiced, gradually in real life, skills are behavioural and cognitive
    • Application: Apply coping skills to different situations which become increasingly stressful
  • Hardiniess Training: Developed by Kobasa and Maddi
    • Focusing: Recognising biological signs of stress and identifying the source
    • Relieving Stress Encounters: Analyse situations and repsonse to them, insight into coping strategies
    • Self improvement: Insights gained used to move forward, learn new techniques, focus stressors as challenges
  • Daily Hassles: Irritating and frustrating demands that charachterise everyday transactions with environment
  • Daily Uplifts: Minor positive experiences of everyday life
  • Life Changes: Events in a persons life that requires a


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