public health/legislation interventions/ media influence

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legislation; discouraging smoking and alcohol via government guidelines. this includes - restrictions or a ban on advertising, increasing the cost, controls on sales, reducing harmful components, ban in public.
// restricting/banning advertising - slt suggests addictions are associated with being glamorous. e.g, adverts banned in 2003 of smoking in order to remove this. Alcohol ads are still legal though and it is often argued whether they discourage the addiction or whether they just encourage people to change brands.
// not easy to conduct controlled studies of the effects. Some research suggests significance reduction after the ban. Less public sympathy as it is deemed socially unacceptable
//seems to be a negative correlation with increasing the cost. Might deter people from starting in the first place. It is a powerful cognitive factor although it is not simple due to political reasons
// too much easy…


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