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Marriage and Family Life

Queen Victoria ruled Britain Rightesly

Questions-the Priest asks 3 questions eg. "Will you accept children lovingly from God?"

Vows-promises between husband and wife eg. "for better for worst"

Rings-the husband and wife give each other a ring for a symbol of their love for fidelity (Faithfullness)

Blessing-the Priest blesses the marriage "what God has joined let no man tear apart"

Registration-couples sign the register which finellises the legal marriage.

The Design Argument (Teleological)

Dr William Paley


The conclusion Paley reaches is that the watch is the result of a skilled desiging mind-A WATCH MAKER

Willaim Paley came up with the design argument. He said that... A watch must have a designer. It hasnt just been made by accident. The Universe is far more complex than a watch. If a watch is made by a designer, then the Universe must have a designer. To design something takes intelligence and thought. Therefore, being with intelligence and thought must have designed the Universe. Only God could design something as complex as the Universe, therefore, God must exist.

William Paley used the idea of design to prove that God exist he said... "He makes grass grow for the Cattle, and plants for man to cultavate." Also "The moon marks off the seasons and the sunknows when to go down".

The Cosmological Argumet

St Thomas Aquinas

In the advert everything is caused by the streignth and something before it, What started everything was that the person pushed the bult what started everything else. This is linked to God and are Universe because... In natural a cosmological


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