Reason for Election Failure/Success

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1951 Election-Conservative success-Churchill

  • Conservatives won despite reseiving less votes.
  • Churchill was a great wartime leader and as a result was popular with the public.  
  • Labour believed Churchill to be too old to succesfully lead. Belived the Tories would be unbale to deaal with post war economy.
  • Kept Labour policies like the NHS, tried to keep the peice with trade unions           
  • Mixed economy to please left and right voters
  • Bevan alienated support by calling Conservatives ''lower than Vermin''
  • ''The Trade Unions' patience, once very thin, was now non-existent'' (Pearce and Stewart) in regards to wage restraints, with dock strikes breaking out in 1948 and 1949.

1955 Election-Conservative success-Eden

  • Internal Labour divisions meant there was no viable opposition. Split between Bevan and Gaitskell. Gaitskell (right wing) won leadership over Bevan (left wing).
  • Left wing of party wwanted it to be more socialist.
  • Divisions over CND.
  • Opposition from Trade Unions towards leaders. Frank Cousins led feirce opposition against Gaitskell in reference to nuclear disarmament. 
  • End of food rationing 

1959 Elcetion-Conservative success-Macmillan

  • Supermac- Afective leader. Support from media
  • Post war economy was booming-grew by 4% in 1959
  • 2p taken off price of a pint
  • The labor government were seen as divided, uncertain and afraid to stand up to the trade union demands.
  • Many people also still associated Labor with devaluation and austerity.

1964 Election-Labour success-Wilson

  • Labour seemed to be more in touch than the Tories who were seen as the establishment.
  • Promised the age of 'the white heat of technology'
  • Promumo affair, Vassel a soviet spy working for a Tory minister
  • Labour reunited under Wilson
  • Unemployment reached over 800,000 in…


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