Recruitment - Business Studies (GCSE BBC Bitesize Revision)


Business Studies


Firms recruit, select and train staff in different ways with varying degrees of success.

Recruiting staff

Without the right staff with the right skills, a business cannot make enough products to satisfy customer requirements. This is why organisations draw up workforce plans to identify their future staffing requirements. For example, they may develop plans to recruit a new IT Manager when the current one plans to retire in eight months time.

Recruitment is the process by which a business seeks to hire the right person for a vacancy. The firm writes a job description and person specification for the post and then advertises the vacancy in an appropriate place.

Job applicants (

Job applicants

  • Job descriptions explain the work to be done and typically set out the job title, location of work and main tasks of the employee.
  • Person specifications list individual qualities of the person required, eg qualifications, experience and skills.

Firms can recruit from inside or outside the organisation.

  • Internal recruitment involves appointing existing staff. A known person is recruited.
  • External




Concise notes on recruitment and training. Students can use these to make their own notes, revision cards etc or just read and learn if that is their preferred revision method.



Anyone have the 7 or 8 stages of recruitment (I think it starts with advertising)



And can anyone recommend me any recruiting agencies for the selection of IT personnel? Specifically, I need help hiring cybersecurity and information professionals.