How the Church architecture reflects Catholic beliefs:

  • The churches provide a space where Catholics can worship together partically at Mass. 
  • The design and decoration of a church helps to aid and inspire worship.
  • Post 1965 there is more empesis on the postion of the altar.

The main parts of a Catholic Church:

  • The main features of the church include: lecturn, altar, crucfix and tabernacle.
  • These help to empahsise the presence of Christ in the Church.
  • They also remind Catholics of the redemption that Christ brought them through his suffering, death and ressurection.

Contrasting features and artefacts used by Catholics:

  • Some Churches use as altar for the Mass, as a reminder of Christs sacrafice on the cross while other churches use a table as a reminder of the Last Supper.
  • Some Catholics prefer the cruicfix as a reminder of Christs death, while others prefer a cross or Risen Christ as a reminder of Christs resurrection.

The role of Jesus in restoration through a sacrifce:

  • People area ble to sin because God gave humans free will.
  • Sin brole the relationship between God and Humanity and destoryed the harmony of God's creation.
  • Jesus helped to restore this damage by living his life in total obedience to God's will.

The significance of Jesus' death, burial, ressurection and ascension:

  • Jesus' death, burial, ressurection and ascension were four steps in the action to redeem humanity and restore the relationship between God and humanity and the whole of creation.
  • For Christians, this means that life no longer end at the moment of death.
  • It gives them hope that, like…


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