Religion - St. Mark's Gospel


Topic 1 - Background to Mark's Gospel

  • Gospel = Good News
  • They tell the life and work of Jesus
  • Written in Greek

Mark Introduces his Gospel (1:1)

The beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

What was Mark's purpose in writing the gospel?

  • Strengthen belief of Christians
  • Convert people to Christianity
  • Written by someone who had faith to create or encourage faith.

We believe the gospels are guided/inspired by God and therefore have authority.

Mark wanted to highlight the role of disciples.

A permanent written record was needed.

Authentic records needed to be kept.

Christians needed to be encouraged in their faith because of persecution.

Who was Mark and what/who were his sources for the Gospel?

We believe Mark was a scribe and friend of Peter. Mark's number one source was Peter.

  • Jesus' actual words quoted in Aramaic
  • Only three disciples present at his events
  • The Disciples - met at Mark's mother's home
  • Other eyewitnesses - Bartimaeus, Simon of Cyrene

Secondary Sources

  • The Passion Narative - Jesus' suffering and death
  • Ur Markus - a primitive, early version of gospel, possibly written by Mark
  • Matthew's Gospel
  • Paul and Barnabas

When and where was the Gospel written?

  • Scholars believe it was written around the time of the destruction of


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