Religion and Science - Philosophy 2

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Science and Religion Revision Guide


The Big Bang

     Cosmology: The scientific study of how the universe began

     The Big Bang started when a hot and dense space-time singularity started to expand and cool very quickly.

     A certain kind of background radiation has been spotted by powerful telescopes. It also explains the movement of galaxies away from a central point.

     Evolution: Spotted that animals adapt to their surrounding (Charles Darwin). At the time, no one believed him as everyone was very religious. It wasn’t until he was dead that we began to understand that he was actually correct!

     Christian views on Evolution: Some Christians believe that evolution is just the way that God has brought about human beings. They believe that God must have created it.

     Evolutionists: Believe that every living creature has evolved on Earth.


How the world and people began

     Genesis Chapter 1: Belief that the world was created out of nothing in 7 days – humans on the 6th day.

     Genesis Chapter 2: Adam and Eve are created before plants and animals in the Garden of Eden (until they are chucked out for eating the forbidden fruit).

     Ways of understanding the Bible:


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