Religion and Society - It depends on the situation


Can you have rules that will apply to every situation?

Christians are not in total agreement over this question. As you have learnt in the previous topics, some Christian believe that the Bible or the Church can give moral guidance that will tell a Christian what is right and what is wrong in all cases. For instance, the Decalogue says murder is wrong. This is a rule for all times in all situations, thus everybody knows where they stand on this issue. 

Others might argue that a rule like this is too inflexible. It does not take into consideration individual circumstances surrounding a situation.

The Golden Rule

In one Gospel story, Jesus was approached by a man who had studied the Decalogue and he asked which was the most important of the Ten Commandments. Jesus answered that the most important commandment was to love God and the second commandment was:

"Love your neighbour as you love yourself" or, as…


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