Religious Studies - Catholic Christianity- Unit 1 Beliefs and teachings - Biblical Teachings on theTrinity 1.2

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Catholic Christianity Unit 1

Biblical Teachings on the Trinity

  • The threefold nature of God is hinted at in the Old Testament
  • In Genesis, God speaks the Word to create and the Spirit hovers over creation.
  • The prophet Isaiah claims that God sends his Word and Spirit to create and guide.
  • God as the Trinity is clearly referred to in the New Testament:
  • •Jesus’ final words in Matthew are to make disciples baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit
  • •St Paul makes several references to the Trinity in his letters
  • •St Peter begins his first letter, with a reference to the Trinity
  • The Gospel accounts of the baptism of Jesus clearly show that God is the Trinity:
  • •God the Son goes into the Jordan to be baptised
  • •As he is being baptised, the God the Holy Spirit descends like a dove and rests on him
  • •God the Father speaks from heaven announcing that this is his beloved Son
  • So at the very beginning of Jesus’ ministry – his teaching and his miracles – there is a statement that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are at work as the one God in his ministry.
  • Belief in God as a Trinity of Persons is important for Catholics because the Trinity helps Catholics understand the different ways that God has shown…


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