Remains and war photographer pea 2

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Remains and War photographer pea 2: 

Theme: Reality of conflict 

Point: both poems describe the detailed horrors of the war and the civillians

Point: In both poems, both the characters feel guilty as a result of war and are unable to forget their memories.



' A hundred agonies in black-and-white' 


  • Emotive metaphor to describe his photos and having these photos printed and hung up confirms and solidifys the suffering and agonies the pictures show. 
  • The scenes in his negatives are compared to 'agonies', a powerful noun to emphasise the pain and conflict being portrayed. As they are in black and white they have been made to seem merely factual or simplified. She seems to be suggesting that their pain is not given enough recognition and sympathy.



'His bloody life in my bloody hands'


  • violent metaphor suggesting 2 different meanings (homonym) 1. cursing at the anger of the death and 2. blood on his hands for mudering someone. 
  • Conflict with this man and his own mind and ending the poem with a sense of despair and no resolution.
  • The repetition of bloody shows us that his memory of death keeps returning and that these memories are flooded with guilt for taking his life making the reader sympathise with him.

Comparative analysis:

  • Both poets use imagery and metaphors to allow the reader to understand the agonising realities of war and that no matter how different the experiences are they all link back to the visceral reality of war and the effects…


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