Res Gestae Source



"I raised an army on my own initiative" - Shows his influence among his men, being able to raise an army.

"took the military oath of allegiance to me" - Seen to be willingly taken, showing his authority over the army

"I settled in colonies"..."assigned land or gave money" - Rewards for the veterans after the civil wars.

Gave soldiers triumphal gifts - Keep them happy, away from mutiny

sets up a military treasury to pay the soldiers - Keeps the soldiers happy with a set amount of pay rather than war booty which is not guaranteed 

paid money directly into the treasury - seen to be helping out the Army where ever he can. 

political victory over Parthia - Shown to be a more military victory to get the standards back 


"republic should suffer no harm" - Protector of the Senate, in return, they gave him power and authority

"The dictatorship was offered to me..." - Senate trying to give Augustus more power

Refuses (insert list) honours - Wants to show the Senate as a power despite knowing he is all powerful

Takes on a second person in tribunician power - Seen as being less tyranical

"Revised the roll of the Senate" - Shows his control over the Senate without removing them as a poltical force

"decreed vows for my welfare" - They care for Augustus and need him

made sacrosanct - ultimate protection 

Built Senate buildings - Keeping the Senate happy and updated

Gave Senate his power and in return is called Augustus - used his authority then over the Senate to get his own way


"Those who butchered my father I drove into exile"... "I defeated them twice in battle" - Augustus defeated the assassin of his adoptive father Caesar.

"pacified the sea from pirates" - another great victory from Augustus


"waged civil and foreign wars" - Shows his control over the Roman empire

Lists Triumphs - Shows how powerful he was within the…


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