research methods 3



key features: shows the relationship between two conditions

has a strengh of either strong, moderate and weak

has a direction of either positive or negative 

can be presented as scatter graphs or correlation coefficient  (-1 to +1) 

it is a statistical technique 

strengh: it allows the study of variables that cant be manipulated so it wont break ethical guidelines 

weakness: only establishes relationships so doesnt account for extraneous variable that could cause it 

Observational studies:

key feature:

usually done in a naturalistic environement where participants dont know they are being observed 

can be done under controlled conditions 

can be used to measure the DV in an experiment 

structure due to the collection grid and behavioural categories 


participant and non participant observations 

participant obervation is when observers become actively involved in the observational study to get a more subjective and hands on view such as the zimbardos study 



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