revision notes for english

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  • IN-incentive
  • A- acliteration/ anniation
  • F- facts
  • O- opinion
  • R- rhetorical question/ repition
  • E- emotive language/ expert quote
  • S-statustucs
  • T-trio

 how does the writer  use of language keep the reader engaged and entertained?

  • similes/metaphors to give a stricking picture(how?)
  • words to create drama (how?)
  • rhetorical question to keep the reader engaged/thinking about the story? (how?)
  •  words/ phrases  that make the reader compelled to readon-cliff hangers? why does it compel you to read it?
  • words/phrases that create strong images (how do they?)
  • what kind of language is used to make the reader feel for people in the story ( explain the effects)

exam grade=(mock exam)

 this is just a C well done! to be more secure in the grade, read through my notes on how to improve and practise diong what I suggested in practise essay answers over taster:


HTI. you dont have to talk about both peoms at once. it gets confusing. Instead  write 3  clear…


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