Romeo and Juliet


Mr Bruff  - Act 1 Scene 5

Final scene of first act. Meet for first time. Know from prologue that they will fall in love. Romeo experiences love at first sight, figets Rosaline. 

"Did my heart love till now." 

Words very similar to the words: "This love for your eye." spoken about Rosaline. 

Shakespeare presents a fickle character, mind and opinions change in an instant. Romeo's hubris is his inability to escape falling in love. Or up until this point nothing about his love was real, this is real. backed by language use. 

1.1 unhappiness about Rosaline is that she won't return his love, 1.5 -- religious language. 

"profane", disrespect something sacred, calling Juliet sacred, a 'shrine' a religious icon. 'pilgrims' , 'holy palmers kiss', palmers went on…


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