RS Animal rights

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How are animals different from humans?

The ability to make decisions, form opinions, communicate and think about the consequences of our actions.

Religious attitudes

Religions do not teach that animals have the same right as humans or that they are equal but that they should be treated with respect. Humans do not own the planet but have a sacred duty to care for it (stewardship). The idea of sanctity of life (including anumals influences on their views. 

Religious people may support animal rights but many not agree about the means of defending them; most would accept non-violent lawful protest but would not accept protest that caused harm to human beings.

Animals and the law

Neglect and cruelty to animals are criminal offences. Animals experiments to test on cosmetics are banned, fox hunting and dog fighting are illegal. 

How are animals used?


 Most religions do not forbid people to have pets, but in islam animals must not be kept in limited spaces


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