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sentencing notes

  • the main aim is to rehabilitate young offenders
  • agrivating factors-things that make a sentence worsee.g.  previous convictions, use of a weapon or vunerable person
  • mitigating factors- mkae the sentence less serious e.g. self defence, no previous convictions, pleaded guilty or helped the police
  • section 142 of criminal justice act deals with young ofenders
  • if plead guilty at the earliest oppertunity then reduces the sentence by upto 30%
  • if plead gulity midway through trails then only reduced by 10 %
  • the 5 main aims of sentencing are:retribution(punishment), reparation, rehabilitaion, detterance, protection of the public.
  • punishment is based on proprtionality- punishment should fit the crime
  • three types of offence-summary, indictable and triable ethier way
  • custodial sentence is the ultimate way to pretect the public
  • 2 types of discharge…


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