Sino-Soviet relationships, 1949-1950


The People's Republic of China, 1949

  • Oct 1st 1949, Mao Zedong announced PRC 
  • PRC created after communism suceeded in a civil war 
  • USSR first state to offically recognise Mao's government, signing a Treatyof Friendship, Alliance and Mutual Assistance
  • The US, was horrified that communism had won in China - US policy in South-East Asia had changed 

The Treaty of Frienship, Alliance and Mutual Assistance, February 1950


  • PRC was isolated from teh West as it was Communist
  • Obvious ideological affinity between China & Soviet Union
  • Mao described the USSR as 'our best teeacher from, whom we must learn'
  • late 1949, Mao visited Moscow for talks with Stalin - need of a powerful ally 
  • Stalin did not really gain from the Treaty but the Russian economy needed to be rebuilt - establishment of new trading partner 

The terms:

  • Feb 14th 1950 the Treaty was signed 
  • Alliance = military alliance against Japanese militarianism (captialist nations), guaranteed the USSR would come to China's aid if it was involved in any conflicts w/any capitalist nation 
  • Mutual Assistance = USSR and PRC agreed to trade/sahre knowledge; USSR/PRC set up joint stock


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