Snaith/ Cozy Apologia 15marks


Cozy Apologia is a poem about love. Write about how the poet explores this theme

In the poem Cozy Apologia the theme of love is explored by the poet as delineated through the poem being dedicated to her husband Fred and details the couple’s domestic life together in a more realistic interpretation of love within a modern society. Furthermore, this is demonstrated by Dove’s use of the 1st person narrative, ‘I could pick anything and think of you’ infers a theme of love as it appears to be read directly towards him.

Additionally, the statement “I could pick anything and think of you-”, made at the beginning of the poem, implies Dove’s attitude in the poem is romance and dedication towards her husband, as the noun “Anything” demonstrates any mundane object can remind her of him. This further portrays the theme of love. The dash is used to interrupt the flow of thought in the poem; pause gives her thinking time to invent bizarre comparisons.

The theme of love is also optimistic as explored in “fall short of divine” The use  of negativity emphasises Dove’s readiness to concede that they are not divine however they are still happy and feel blessed to have each other and are not gods. This contrasts with the poet’s use of “shooting arrows to the heart” which references Cupid, the


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