Social approach (strengths and weaknesses)

  • a strength is that a range of data is collected within the social approach to collect information on the impact of social factors on behaviour and insight into why. Eg Milgram collected both qual and quant data. could see impact of the authority figure and setting on obedience levels via % (quan) could see why obedience occurred from discriptions of behaviour - conflict between autonomous and agentic state (qual). This is a strength because insight from the approach, alongside quant data can help us to understand the reasons for negative behaviour and so possibly create ways to reduce it.
  • has practical applications in real life. the social approach allows us to learn about the impact of others and the situation on human behaviour and see how we can prevent negative behaviours in the future. Eg Kanner helped us to understand the impact of daily hassles and life events in social situations. for example stress being caused by external social factors such as readjusting to loss of a parent. This is a strength because such knowledge could


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