Socialism notes


Socialism key notes


Socialism is both a criticism of capitalism and also a blueprint for an alternative of organizing society. The criticism makes the alternative apparent.


Socialism has 4 general criticism of capitalism


1)   The pressure on workers in a capitalist system- The pressure on workers is immense as the workers compete with each other for the highest possible profit. By doing this workers become exploited, this makes work

become meaningless.


2)   Capitalism produces vast inequalities-There is a huge gap between the super-rich at the top and the poor at the bottom. Socialism believes that the workers such be more rewarded as they are the reason for the wealth, this is where socialism differs from conservatism.


3)   The freedoms which Conservatism and liberalism support are merely illusional-These freedoms are only meaningful for the rich, it is wage slavery.


4)   Capitalism wastes a lot of valuable resources-the attention is placed on the desire for profit and the market place that little attention is placed on the interests of society as a whole.


What is socialism?


-Equality of opportunity

-Critical of individualism

-Redistribution of wealth


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