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3.1.2 Christianity Beliefs and teachings

Key beliefs

The nature of God:
God as omnipotent, loving and just, and the problem of evil and suffering
the oneness of God and the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Different Christian beliefs about creation including the role of Word and Spirit (John 1:1-3 and Genesis 1:1-3).
Different Christian beliefs about the afterlife and their importance, including: resurrection and life after death; judgement, heaven and hell.
Jesus Christ and salvation

Beliefs and teachings about:

the incarnation and Jesus as the Son of God
the crucifixion, resurrection and ascension
sin, including original sin
the means of salvation, including law, grace and Spirit
the role of Christ in salvation including the idea of atonement. Practices

Worship and festivals

Different forms of worship and their significance:
liturgical, non-liturgical and informal, including the use of the Bible
private worship.
Prayer and its significance, including the Lord’s Prayer, set prayers and informal prayer.
The role and meaning of the sacraments:
the meaning of sacrament
the sacrament of baptism and its significance for Christians; infant and believers' baptism; different beliefs about infant baptism
the sacrament of Holy Communion/Eucharist and its significance for Christians, including different ways in which it is celebrated and different interpretations of its meaning.
The role and importance of pilgrimage and celebrations including:
two contrasting examples of Christian pilgrimage: Lourdes and Iona
the celebrations of Christmas and Easter, including their importance for Christians in Great Britain today.
The role of the church in the local and worldwide community

The role of the Church in the local community, including food banks and street pastors.
The place of mission, evangelism and Church…


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