Stalin's economic policies: Collectivisation and the Five Year Plans


Stalin's Economic Policies: 

The Five Year Plans:

What were they? 

A government initiative to increase industrial production. Production targets were implemented for each industrial institution in the Soviet Union, by the Gosplan

How did the FYPs make use of Propaganda? 

-The propaganda campaign was designed to inspire workers to meet the targets set.

-The campaigns focused on the heroic objective of the plan- framing it as a positive deed 

-Claimed that the FYPs would bring about an end to capitalism.

- The Stakhanovite movement: august 1935 Alexi Stakhanov claimed that he had cut over 100 tonnes of coal in one 5 hour shift- his achievement was glorified by Stalin and he was used as propaganda. 

The First Five-Year Plan:

approved in April 1929 

- Justification for it was purely ideological- framed it as a socialist struggle, Stalin argued that it was necessary for preparation for a war against the USSR's capitalist enemies. 

- Intense emphasis…


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