Stress Poems PSYA2


Stress as a bodily response...

SAM is the response to initial shock,
Therefore it barely takes two minutes on the clock,
In the sympathetic branch of the ANS the hypothalmous triggers a change,
This stimulates the adrenal medulla in which chemicals there are a small range,
Two chemicals, adrenaline and noradrenaline are let out,
This is the fight or flight response which gives you the power to shout,
It increases your blood pressure and your heart rate too,
Don't forget the perspiration and breathing rate, im telling you,
Unless you want to fail, remember that digestion rates go down,
and when You ace this next exam, im sure U won't frown....

The HPA isn't very fast,
Itd take a few hours of stress from the past,
To trigger the hypothalamus in which CRF would be released,
Knowing that this then activates the pituitary gland makes you pleased,
This then releases ACTH and the adrenal cortex is activated,
Then the corticosteroids­ into the bloodstream are stimulated,
The immune system is surpressed to turn fat+protien into fuel,
You are know prepared to face the exam in a duel....

Stress related illnesses...
This was originally studied by Seyle who noticed that rats would get ill when given a harmless injection daily.
He concluded that the stress of having injections on a day to day basis caused the illnesses and therefore introduced the GAS (general adaptation syndrome)
This consists of three stages:
1- Alarm stage: body's first reaction to increase arousal levels sp that any physical reaction can be made eg running
2- Resistance stage: if the stress is continuous, our bodies can adapt to the situation and we can cope in a normal way.
3- Exhaustion stage: after long term stress remains, body heals unable to cope with the situation and alarm signs return leading to the development of illnesses such as high BP, depression ECT... These are more commonly known as diseases of adaptation...


KRANTZ studied the heart and stress,
He had


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