Tess Context

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Information on Tess:

  • Hardy considered names like Love, Cis/Cissy and Sue before settling on Tess. 
  • He worked on the manuscript with the intention of serial publication
  • Then, these chapters would be delivered in book form. 
  • The publlishers deemed to book to racy and requested edits
  • Hardy refused.
  • Graphic (London) Illustrated Weekly Newspaper offered to publish the serial. 
  • So they did July 4th 1891
  • 1892- The set of volumes was comined into one book and sold well
  • The paperback sold 300,000 editions in one year
  • Hardy worked on revisions until his death in 1928

The Novel's Context:

  • The novel is a criticism of sexual and social hypocracy
  • this stems from his sympathy for the lower classes, especially women. 
  • controversial due to it's exploration of the ridgity of the English moral code.
  • It also caused sensation due to it's honest look at the self-richeousness of the upperclasses
  • Alec and Angel are representations of their class
  • The novel is a look at how a persuit of a noble bloodline can be disasterous. 

Historical Context:

  • Queen Victoria rules from 1837-1901
  • England became the


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