tests for common gases+ions

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test for chlorine:

bleaches damp litmus paper turning it white

test for oxygen:

put a glowing splint inside a test tube containing the gas

if oxygen is present it will relight the glowing splint

test for hydrogen:

if you hold a lit splint at the open end of a test tube containing hydrogen you'll get a squeaky pop.

test for carbon dioxide:

if you bubble gas through calcium hydroxide(lime water) the solution will turn cloudy if theres carbon dioxide in the gas

the cloudiness is caused by the formation of calcium carbonate

tests for positive ions:

testing for metal ions-flame tests-

lithium ions give a crimson flame

sodium ions give a yellow flame

potassium ions give a lilac flame

calcium ions give an orange-red flame

copper ions give a green flame

to do the test you clean a nichrome wire loop by dipping it into hydrochloric acid and then holding it in the blue flame from a bunsen burner until it burns without any colour

dip the loop into the sample and put it back into the flame

record the colour

this test only tests for samples that contain a single metal ion

if the sample tested contains a mixture of…


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